About - TERI Council for Business Sustainability (CBS)

About CBS

The Council provides solutions to make businesses sustainable by identifying, conceptualizing, and implementing projects


About TERI

  • Established in 1974 with offices in India, USA, Africa, Japan, London, Antwerp
  • On ground work in India, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia
  • Areas of work:
    • Climate change
    • Environment
    • Energy and Resource efficiency
    • Waste management
    • Sustainable development
  • Thought leadership with "know how to show how"

What we do

at the core of what we do, leading to

Technology Product
Technology development pilots in energy, resource efficiency, environment and waste management

Policy Advisory & Outreach
Provide platforms for Engagement & outreach with policy-makers, academics, corporates and industry

Advisory Services
Advisory & consultancy on strategy development and implementation for corporates

About TERI Council for Business Sustainability

  • A company membership organisation housed within TERI
  • In existence since 2001
  • Member companies include:
    • Public and private sector, including MNCs
    • Various industry sectors, sizes and geographies
  • Governed by an Executive Committee from member companies
  • Agenda funded and driven by members

Services to Individual TERI CBS Members

Sustainability Strategy and RoadmapDevelopment

Participation in Policy Advocacy Initiatives

Performance Benchmarking and Performance improvement

Training and Capacity Building

Our Team

Mr Arupendra Nath Mullick Vice President Mobile: 9810643072amullick@teri.res.in

Mr Shankar Venkateswaran TERI Consultant s.venkateswaran@teri.res.in

Ms Pooja Kumar Fellow Mobile: 9891638112 pooja.kumar@teri.res.in

Mrs C P Sreeja Secretary c.sreeja@teri.res.in

Mr Aditya Singh Raghwa Associate-corporate partnerships Mobile: 9650352958 aditya.raghwa@teri.res.in

Mr Pankaj Kalyani Research Associate Mobile: 9824995683 pankaj.kalyani@teri.res.in

What's in it for you?

Make a Business Case for Sustainable Development
Exhibit Thought Leadership
Share Organizational Best Practices
Leverage TERI CBS's Cross Boundary Network
Knowledge Capital
Influence Policy Framework


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