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The Council provides solutions to make businesses sustainable by identifying, conceptualizing, and implementing projects


What is Business Sustainability?

Business Sustainability is an approach for business to improve profitability, competitiveness, and market share without compromising resources for future generations. It entails governing and operating in a manner which addresses social and environmental concerns thereby, effectively managing the specific agendas of the business, communities, stakeholders and the government.

"Sustainability" encompasses all aspects of ethical business practices, addressing major social, environmental and policy issues responsibly and cost-effectively. Corporates, communities, stakeholders and governments all have specific agendas that have to be managed effectively. Companies need to take control of their sustainability agenda before others do it for them. The sustainability agenda should make strategic sense and be backed up by business cases. TERI CBS helps incorporate sustainability into the business strategy of the company by providing advisory and connecting corporates with other stakeholders and helps them decide what is best for the company.

Business Sustainability is the opportunity for business to improve its profitability, competitiveness, and market share without compromising resources for future generations. TERI CBS (formerly known as TERI BCSD) is a guide to the Indian corporate diaspora encouraging business people to develop a vision of a sustainable company, translate that vision into a management action plan and turn sustainability into a competitive advantage.


TERI Council for Business Sustainability (CBS) guides you to control your sustainability agenda before others do it for you!!!

TERI CBS is an independent and credible platform for corporate leaders to address issues related to sustainable development and promote leadership in environmental management, social responsibility, and economic performance (the triple bottom line).Presently, the network has more than 100 corporate members across India representing a varied section of Indian industry. Subject experts from these member corporates identify and conceptualize projects and a team of industry members and TERI researchers then work to develop appropriate solutions and strategies for use by the industry. Workshops, trainings, seminars, events and publications are the other outreach activities of the business network. We connect companies, partners, stakeholders and government organizations to address issues and opportunities among sectors and in supply chains. We emphasis on responsible and profitable solutions for corporates with our expertise and experience at TERI Council for Business Sustainability.

How does TERI CBS help?

TERI CBS empowers you with the know-how to identify sustainability issues material to your organization, decipher the approach to address the issues, guides you to operationalize the approach and assists you to report your achievements.

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TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI CBS) was formerly known as TERI Business Council for Sustainable Development (TERI BCSD)
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