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Global Partnerships


SDGXchange is a hands-on strategy tool developed by Dr. Katrin Muff (Thought Leadership at University of Lausanne) and Dr. Barbara Dubach (Managing Director at engageability an organization that provides advice to profit as well as non-profit organizations identifying sustainable strategies for the benefit of all stakeholders).

SDGXchange assists companies in creating outside-in business opportunities through positive contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is accomplished through:

  • Translating the SDGs into local business relevance and prioritizing relevant sustainability issues with the Gap Frame methodology
  • Creatively reflecting and prioritizing based on true business sustainability
  • Co-innovating new strategic business opportunities beyond current business activities for long-term strategic opportunities

The SDGXCHANGE equips organizations with a process that provides guidance and support on how to change from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective, and how to embrace true business sustainability into their core strategies.

The SDGXCHANGE methodology differentiates itself through the GRIPS approach which addresses not only the knowledge dimension like most other methods, but also offers hands-on support and solutions in the activities dimensions.

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INDUS innovates and connects for sustainable and inclusive trade relations between India and the Netherlands. The INDUS forum is an online and offline entrepreneurial network which aims to turn business challenges into opportunities.

The INDUS Forum was conceived as the platform for responsible entrepreneurship, involving companies and practitioners from India and the Netherlands to maintain the framework of Planet, People, and Profits. A growing trend of product innovations coupled with an increasing awareness of sustainability can result in a positive impact on people, while creating new, responsible, and profitable trade relations.

Currently the INDUS forum community boasts 31 Challenges and 19 Solutions across 38 Companies. To learn more click here.


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