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The Chief Sustainability Officers' Conclave 2016 focussed on the cross functional role of the Chief Sustainability Officer. The growing relevance of sustainable development in Operations was discussed in depth. Operations management was agreed upon to not only function as means of maintaining performance and security but also reducing costs and mitigating risks, while simultaneously achieving new benchmarks in form of return on investment. Operations was considered to be a vital element in creating both short-term and long-term sustainable solutions.

The relevance of governance and communication in playing a decisive role on how the users/Stakeholders interpret was stated emphatically during the Conclave. Towards the end, however despite some progress, strategies that are good for both business and environment are not getting to scale. A major challenge in the way of god practices not getting scaled up was identified to be that the most corporate sustainability experts within a business are not involved in capital budget project investment selection at the outset.

The Conclave attempted to answer some pertinent questions related to sustainable development practices in organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. My designation does not say Chief Sustainability Officer, am I still eligible to be a part of the CSO Forum?
Answer: Yes, you are eligible to be a part of the CSO Forum even if you are not designated as the Chief Sustainability officer of your organization, subject to certain pre-requisite conditions. We expect the following from our CSO Delegates:
1. The delegate must be in the middle to senior management in the organization and must necessarily be nominated by the organization to represent them.
2. The delegate must have a complete understanding of the company's policies and practices in sustainable development, and should be able to contribute in collaboration with other chief sustainability officers to co-create projects and ideas.
3. The delegate must be in a position to lead engagements through the Forum, when endorsed by company management and also must be able to report the impact of the project as well as the general perception of projects for continuous improvement.

Q.2. What are the thematic tracks I can choose from ?
Answer: You can choose from any of the following tracks :
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Value Chain Sustainability
Q.3. Can I participate in more than one track ?
Answer: Yes, you can choose to participate in any two tracks.

Q.4. Can I just attend the CSO Conclave even if I am not enrolled for the CSO Forum?
Answer: Yes, you can enroll (paid) in the CSO Conclave to catch a glimpse of the work done in the CSO Forum, all around the year. For details write to

Q.5. What all is covered in the registration to the CSO Forum ?
Answer: The registration to the CSO Forum covers all the technical expertise shared and all the generic deliverables to the Forum

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