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Introduction to TERI's Chief Sustainability Officers' Forum

Set up in 2014 by TERI, the Chief Sustainability Officers' (CSO) Forum is a community of India's leading chief sustainability officers and thought leaders working together towards driving sustainable development from the forefront. The CSOs engage with TERI through its Council for Business Sustainability (CBS) aiming to strengthening the business case for sustainability for the corporate whilst ensuring on-ground implementation of co-created project ideas on issues of materiality for respective organizations.

Members of TERI CBS are invited to join the Forum, led by their respective Chief Sustainability Officer/designate officers. A Council member may opt to nominate more than one staff member to work in multiple programmes or to create tomorrow's leaders.

The Forum holds an annual conclave to share learning and experiences, organize several interactive sessions with identified focus areas in sustainable development. This Forum evolves plan and execute the same to fulfil respective organisations' environmental and social responsibilities. The plan benefits the business as well as the community while reducing the adverse impact of business on the nature and society.

Chief Sustainability Officers Forum (CSO Forum)
5 March 2020 | TERI RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurugram

An increasing number of businesses recognize the importance of sustainability as they look to create long-term shareholder value and build competitive advantage. However, for sustainability to mature into an integral part of organizational structure and culture, and for organizations to reap tangible long-term benefits, businesses need to operationalize sustainability across the value chain – upstream, in-stream, and downstream. This process is undoubtedly loaded with challenges as businesses are forced to fundamentally rethink the way they operate. Sometimes, the business case for doing so is not apparent, and even when it is, corporates find it difficult to get sustainability projects off the ground for lack of the right kind of knowledge and expertise.

Meeting of TERI CBS Chief Sustainability Officers (11 June 2019 | Mumbai)

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