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  • Wind Energy Info-kit 2014-15

    Wind energy is a source of renewable power which comes from air current flowing across the earth's surface. Wind turbines harvest this kinetic energy and convert it into usable power which can provide electricity for multiple use. This document entails the necessary information on wind energy globally and in India. Read more

  • Wind Energy Status in India

    Wind power has been dominating the Indian Renewable Energy industry since a long time. India is bestowed with a huge wind power potential and continuous efforts have been made to harness this potential. This study has been carried out with an aim to enunciate the current status of wind power in India. The research involves gathering of relevant data on this issue, from different online sources (MNRE website, C-WET website, IWEA website and others), journals, Renewable Energy books, Annual reports (MNRE, corporates), Online databases subscribed by TERI (Science Direct, Springer, JSTOR), Policy compendiums, Wind Energy Association and Wind Energy Directories.Read more

  • E-waste management info-kit

    E-waste is a term used to cover almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that has or could enter the waste stream. The following info-kit features bibliographic survey on e-waste and its management. Read more

  • Wind Energy Technology Manufacturers

    This document consists of various leading manufacturers in the field of Wind Energy. Major components of a wind turbine such as Tower, Rotor, Nacelle and Control Panel have been focused. Component wise name of the manufacturer, address, contact details, website and major specifications of the product manufactured have been mentioned. Cost and customs duty applied on wind energy equipment have also been given a mention in this document. Read more

  • Biomass Conversion Technologies

    The main objective of this document is to provide basic information on biomass conversion technologies, which includes technology types, purpose, function, manufacturers and their contact details. It also provides specifications of the technology and price (where ever applicable). This document is a useful guide/ tool for the entrepreneurs who want to get started with renewable energy business on biomass. Read more


  • eNREE- It is a quarterly non-priced electronic newsletter. The aim of the e-newsletter is to bridge the knowledge gap and disseminate latest developments in digitized form is a quarterly non-priced electronic newsletter published by ENVIS Center. The aim of the e-newsletter is to bridge the knowledge gap and disseminate latest developments in digitized form. eNREE is being published in addition to ENVIS Center's existing journal entitled "TIDEE (TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment)".

    Volume 11 Issue 3 October–December 2014

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  • Roadmap for Incorporating Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Existing Buildings

    This report serves as a step-by-step ready reckoner for various organizations to undertake Energy Efficiency (EE) measures and retrofits in their existing buildings, thereby helping them reduce their GHG footprint and become sustainable enterprises. TERI is actively creating and implementing energy efficiency policies for appliances, regulating the minimum energy performance standards and associated labeling for a growing list of appliances to bring about energy efficiency and cutting down CO2 emissions.Read more


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