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India-Japan Business Forum

India-Japan Business Forum for Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Renewable Energy
7th November, 2019 | The Banquet Hall, The Ashok Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Welcome Message

Mr. Aoyama Executive Committee Chairman

"It is my great pleasure to hold the India-Japan Business Forum for Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Renewable Energy in Delhi. With the cordial support from the distinguished energy authorities in both countries, this Forum aims not only to explore Indian current energy challenges but to introduce Japanese excellent energy technologies and products, and attempts to bring future energy solutions and mutual business opportunities serving for cleaner and greener development of India. I believe this event will further enhance actual energy cooperation between the two countries therefore look forward to as many participants as possible at the Forum."

Dr. Ajay Mathur Director General, TERI and President, TERI CBS

India's energy sector has grown significantly in recent years with rapid expansion in energy demand across all consuming sectors. Over the past few years, the focus has been on improving energy efficiency in all sectors of the Indian economy, ranging from large industries, buildings and appliances. On the supply side, Indian electricity sector is witnessing a major transition with solar and wind energy based generation gaining momentum. Facilitating integration of large volumes of renewables into the grid, establishing performance benchmarking and quality standards of renewable energy technologies are key issues that will require attention in the coming years. In this scenario, India-Japan Business Forum for Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Renewable Energy scheduled on 7 November 2019 in New Delhi will provide excellent opportunity for the Indian stakeholders to interact with the Japanese technology suppliers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. I am sure the deliberations in the Forum will help enhance technology cooperation and strengthen business relationships between the two countries in the energy sector.

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The relationship between India and Japan has traditionally been very strong. Both the countries have collaborated in diverse areas, including industry and energy that are vital for both the economies. Access to reliable, clean, and economical energy is critical to the overall growth in both India and Japan. Extending energy access to meet the growing electricity demand, addressing air pollution, enhancing energy efficiency and accelerating renewable energy deployment coupled with grid stability are key focus areas that are essential for sound and stable economic growth in India.

To strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in the domain of energy sector, the Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide (JASE-W) operated by the Energy Conservation Centre of Japan (ECCJ), with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Government of Japan) and Japan Embassy in India along with TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) are jointly organizing the "India-Japan Business Forum for Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy".

The governments of both India and Japan desire to significantly increase the engagement between the two countries in the areas of energy, including renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. The cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector is expected to be such that Japanese technology and capital can be dovetailed with Indian highly skilled human resources and 'Make in India' to create partnerships not only for the mutual benefit but also for benefit to the world.

The Forum will enhance the cooperative relationship between India and Japan and will strengthen the business relationships by introducing Japanese energy efficient and low carbon technologies. The event will focus on:

  • Demand-side Perspective: Energy Management System and Solutions
  • Supply-side Perspective: Energy Saving Service and Material

Session Details

Session 1 - Demand-side Perspective: Energy Management Systems and Solutions for industries

Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited

"Energy Management System - Concept, Need, Benefits"

Smart Energy Monitoring and Management are the first steps towards initiating Energy Efficiency Measures. For Smart Power Distribution and Smart Factories, an intelligent Energy Monitoring System helps in accessing important data and reports for analysis through which users can discover areas of improvement and thereafter take necessary actions towards achieving better efficiency. Our Mitsubishi Electric EMS Solutions for the Smart Factory can provide seamless connectivity from shop floor to top floor, viz from a simple standalone machine to integrated manufacturing lines and the entire factory.

Mr. Gopal Kumar Jha, Senior Manager - Mktg Deptt., Factory Automation and Industrial Division

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Nippon Steel Engineering India Private Limited

"Energy Saving Technologies for Steel Plants"

In this session, Nippon Steel Engineering (NSE) introduces two energy saving technologies which are most suitable for Indian steel making industries – 'Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ)' and 'Dry type Multi Vessel Electrostatic Precipitator System for Blast Furnace'.

Mr. S Mukhopadhyay, Manager

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Toyo Engineering Corporation

"Overall Plant Energy-saving by Mathematical Optimization & Advanced Energy-saving Distillation System"

In this session, Toyo Engineering presents the Hybrid Energy system Re-Optimization (HERO) by which both process and utility units are optimized simultaneously through mathematical optimization and the novel energy conservation distillation technology (SUPERHIDIC &r), which reduces 50%+ energy consumption to existing distillation system.

Dr. Toshihiro Wakabayashi, General Manager, Environment and Energy Management Development Department

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TLV International, INC

"Potential application of TLV's Steam System Optimization Program (SSOP) in India"

TLV's approach "Steam System Optimization Program (SSOP)" has large energy and CO2 reduction potential in India. This program has been widely implemented in large energy users as well as middle-small sized plants worldwide.

Mr. Ashwin Sanyal, Sales Manager

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Session 2 - Supply-side Perspective: Energy Saving Service and Material

Fuji Electric India Private Limited

"Smart and Stable Power Supply"

Fuji Electric has unique energy and environmental technologies as its core competency. We will introduce our state-of-the-art products and solutions to contribute to solving India's energy and environmental challenges so as to achieve sustainable development.

Mr. Vinayak Joshi, Senior Vice President, Business development

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AGC Inc.

"Advanced Membrane Technology for Saving Energy and Enhancing Sustainable Energy"

AGC group offers variety of solutions for saving energy and spreading the use of sustainable energy. We will introduce FORBLUETM family products which are based on AGC’s advanced membrane technology and provide solutions for producing caustic soda, producing safe drinking water, reducing harmful emission from industrial plants, and storing sustainable energy in a safe, efficient manner.

Mr. Manmohan Sehgal, Manager, Technical Service (Membrane Business)

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation

"Community Energy Management"

Recent increases in adoption of renewable energy are raising the importance of bilateral energy management. We will introduce an energy management system for a small community in Japan as a real-world example of managing both power demand and consumption based on our expertise in factory energy management.

Mr. Hiroyuki Ogata, Manager, Power & Water Sales Centre, Global Sales & Industrial Marketing HQ

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Who should attend?

The Forum will provide an ideal platform to a variety of stakeholders –– policy makers, technocrats, academicians, business communities, and sector experts, to share their knowledge, experiences, and collaborative opportunities.


For further details please contact:
Mr. Aditya Raghwa
Associate, TERI
Email: | M: 9650352958

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