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Model & Terms of Membership

Item Details
Governance CEOs of member companies by invitation and referral
Member participation
  • CEO
  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Domain experts
Term of membership 3 years
Types of membership Silver
Membership fee Silver: Rs 10 lakhs
Gold : Rs 20 lakhs
Benefits of membership
  • Technical support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Branding and recognition opportunities
  • Access to TERI’s products and facilities

Membership Benefits – Summary

All Members

  • 2 person-days complimentary consulting support annually
  • 10% discount on paid consulting services
  • Membership of Board Member and CSO Forums
  • Complimentary participation of CEO in TERI's flagship WSDS
  • Participation in programmes of bilateral agencies (Dutch, British, Norwegian) to explore sustainability business options
  • Participation in pilots, working groups, policy dialogues
  • Company's logo and practices in TERI site, publications etc.

Additional benefits for Gold members

  • Complimentary assessment of the sustainability report
  • Leadership roles in pilots, working groups, policy dialogues
  • Complimentary participation of 2 officials in flagship events
  • Speaking opportunities at WSDS, MDPs
  • Discounts on TERI facilities (golf course, cricket ground) and organic products
  • Complimentary access to TERI-hosted World Digital Library on Sus. Dev.

Member Engagement

Who are eligible members:

Membership to TERI Council is by invitation and referrals only. Members are registered public and private sector companies, including MNCs. Membership not offered for individuals. To know more about membership details write to us at

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