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Leaders Speak

Leaders Speak

"We should not try to do some incremental changes but should try to go in for a transformative change."

Shri Suresh P Prabhu
Hon'ble Minister of Railways, India

"Technology and sustainable growth are not in an adversarial relationship. They can be effectively used to complement one another".

Shri Jayant Sinha
Hon'ble Minister of State for Finance, India

"One of the things we worry about is how do we make more people to be a part of this movement to make a greater impact. For sustainable development it is extremely important to make sure that the dialogue is sustained. The customers are the key in this segment".

Mr R Mukundan
Managing Director
Tata Chemicals

"It is about regulation on the one hand which is easily enforceable, and business models which allow learning and cost reductions on the other hand".

Dr Ajay Mathur
Bureau of Energy Efficiency

"On the issue of national policy on recycling and reuse, we are in the process of revising e-waste rules and the municipal solid waste rules".

Mr Susheel Kumar
IAS, Additional Secretary
MOEF & CC, India

"Our commitment, our employees have been extremely focused on empowering people with solar energy"

Mr Ajay Goel
Former CEO
Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

"We should look at water, energy, and food as a nexus together".

Dr Bindu N Lohani
Former Vice–President
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

"Businesses that embrace sustainable development are far more likely to tackle business continuity threats such as resource scarcity, hostile stakeholder relations and a constantly shifting regulatory and competitive landscape."

Mr Rajiv Ranjan Misra
Managing Director – India
CLP India Private Ltd

"Sustainability is not a one-time effort but a continuous journey. We believe that we need to leave behind a better world than the one we inherited. A world that will enable future generations to have a quality of life which is at least equal to what we have, if not better".

Mr Ranganath N Krishna
MD and CEO
Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd

"The importance of sustainability now goes far beyond environmental issues, as the need to behave responsibly becomes a key aspect of strategy and operations, maintaining brand and reputation and seeking good growth. And that's true irrespective of the sector in which a company operates".

Mr Ajit Gulabchnad
Chairman & Managing Director
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd

"Financial institutions in their significant mandate to infuse capital into the economy, have to assume the role of "sustainability catalysts", by looking at a 360 degree approach that would set to create positive impact both on environment and society, towards a shared sustainable future for all".

Ms Namita Vikas
Sr. President and Country Head Responsible Banking
YES Bank Limited

"There is no duality in sustainable development and profitability. The question is how do we push the envelopes".

Mr Anil Sinha
Former Regional Head, Inclusive Business – South Asia
International Finance Corporation

"Environment and Safety risk management should be mainstreamed, for which we require a more documented and disciplined approached and more disclosures".

Mr Alok Dayal
Sr. Director – Credit and Environment Risk

"We have taken a lead in integrating environment and safety framework in pour financing. We believe responsible financing goes beyond environment to protecting socially disadvantaged groups also".

Mr N K Maini
Deputy Managing Director

"Growth and sustainability need not be in conflict. In fact, we have seen that sustainability drives growth through opportunities for innovation, cost efficiency, and risk management".

Dr Henrik O Madsen
Group President and Chief Executive Officer DNV-GL

"Business has to play a crucial role and certainly has to step up to the plate to address these twin challenges of climate and development".

Mr Paul Polman
Chief Executive Officer, Unilever & Chairman

"I loved the idea of setting targets for water use efficiency".

Mr Onno Rühl
Country Director
World Bank India

"Responsible finance is like a teenage sea. Growing no. of companies are reporting on ENS parameters"

Mr Martin Wright
Director, Forum for the Future; Founding Editor
Green Future

"A business is truly sustainable if it contributes in creation of sustainable society"

Mr Anil B Jain
Managing Director
Jain Irrigation Systems Pvt Ltd

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