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Valuation of Energy Costs in the Indian Context

This report is an outcome of a survey based study conducted by TERI CBS under the aegis of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), with an objective to gauge corporate sector's preparedness in internalizing carbon pricing. The three phase project included extensive corporate consultations and deliberations, with 100+ business leaders on internal carbon pricing, its challenges, opportunities and possible methods of introducing carbon pricing among Indian businesses.

  • 17% of the Indian businesses surveyed as a part of TERI CBS study titled as 'Valuation of Energy Costs in the Indian Context', are already pricing carbon internally and another 40% were planning to do so in the next 1-2 years.
  • The awareness among the private sector regarding carbon pricing is still low and usage of carbon pricing is at a nascent stage for most corporate enterprises. This can be pushed through peer learning, both inter sector and intra sector.
  • The momentum on internal carbon pricing is rising among Indian Inc. as they see it as a good tool to make their investments future proof;
  • There is a need for hand-holding for improved technical understanding in arriving at the 'right price' of carbon emissions and adoption of the carbon pricing process.

Reinforcing India's Commitments - Delhi to Paris: Corporate Vision on Climate Change

This report captures a snapshot of the numerous initiatives taken by the corporate sector to tackle climate change and depicts several innovations illustrating India's sustained efforts towards reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The report is an outcome of TERI CBS initiative- Delhi to Paris: Corporate Vision on Climate Change, led by business members aims to be the Indian corporate vision on the various aspects of tackling climate change and aligning this vision with the Government of India schemes. TERI CBS conducted corporate consultations that witnessed participation from 200 companies and took place via webinars, thus making them carbon neutral. Discussions at the corporate consultations included India Inc.'s experiences, best practices, current interventions, and scope for improvement, thereby strengthening India's position with regard to tackling climate change on the global platform. Of the participating companies, 60 organisations submitted comprehensive case studies on the four identified themes, which have been analysed by TERI experts and are presented in the following pages.

The initiative subtitled Reinforcing India's Commitments focuses on four pressing themes that are of utmost importance to achieve a low-carbon and climate-resilient future:

  • Improving the Efficiency of Energy Use
  • Expanding the Use of Renewable Energy
  • Ensure Water Availability in a Changing Climate
  • Efficient Waste Management
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